"PHONE BOOSTER & CLEANER BY SPEEDCHECK.TOP" is a team team with more than 10 years of programming experience for Android Phone apps. With the unwavering purpose of specializing in programming tool applications for mobile phones on Android operating system.

With experience in CMMI process quality accreditation and based on the programming tool Google Studio Android Studio, we will and are developing high quality, reputable mobile work application products. user and comply with Google policy and international law.

In addition, we always aim to improve product quality according to user tastes but do not forget the constraints:

1) We always adhere to the policies of: Google Store, Apple Store and Google Admob

2) We know that it is our responsibility to comply with the policies of the app store service providers like Google and Apple in developing apps for phones and tablets.

3) Protection of customer personal information: We are always responsible for complying with the privacy policy, and at the same time always explain and clarify how we collect and protect user information.

4) We want to look ahead

- Comply with local, national and international copyright laws

- For the sake of app users

- Free and integrated application service containing advertisements.

5) Conclusion: Therefore, we are always serious and adhere to the policies of Google and Apple, and aspire to be a quality application service provider for our users.

Thank you very much.